5 SEO Best Practices to Optimize your Website in Nigeria 2020.


Author: Kaelon Tro - Digital Marketer and Website designer

what do you understand by SEO?

What can you say it is?

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. But what are you optimizing? You ask. When it comes to SEO, you need to Optimize your website contents, images, structure, designs, titles, links, and many more, on and off the website to make it among the first page of Google searches.

Just as with every valuable thing in life, you need some time of consistent optimisation to reap the benefits that SEO can bring. So, let's move on to the 5 best SEO practices that will help Optimize your website in Nigeria this 2020.

1) Focus on your Users:

Yes and Yes, you heard me right. Focus on Users-Optimization and not Keyword Optimization. The reason is because Google is becoming more smarter and only posts that are of great value to those searching will be showing up first.

2) Produce High Quality Content:

Just as you focus on your users, write contents with them in mind. Always optimize your contents to answer their questions so they can come back for more. Always remember that it is better to write long and detailed contents than to summarise.

3) User Experience:

This practice is so true since you are writing for human beings and not some Web robot (Googlebot). The overall process of using your website should be smooth for the user. You should make every clicks, or experience, or time really worth it for the use. Always analyse and design your website for your users and not for yourself.

4) Mobile Users:

Build your website for mobile-users first in mind before you think of making it compatible with desktop and laptop users. This is because more searches (more than 70%) are coming from those using mobile phones. So, build your website and optimize its contents for mobile users first.

5) Stuctured Data:

This simple means arranging the data or contents on your websites in a way that search engines can relate it to elements on the page and on your website at large. From the title of the page to the images to the content, all should be saying the same thing on a particular topic.

Amongst the many ways of optimizing your websites, these are my best five practices that if done well will shoot you to the first search pages within little time.

Ensure you keep working on your seo strategies so as to rank above your competitors on search engines.

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