top 5 ways to boost sales for you ecommerce website in Enugu


Author: Kaelon Tro - Digital Marketer and Website Designer

Below are 5 of the best practices to increase sales in Nigeria.

You will agree with me that the goal of every business no matter how big or small is to make profits, right?

Of course you will.

So what are some of the most effective ways to Increase sales on your website in Nigeria?

1. Show Off Customer Testimonials on your website in Nigeria:

why this is a smart move is that it encourages others have doubt to purchase from you after seeing good comments from other people. Make sure you include gushing testimonials and reviews from your customers about how they are gushing over about how wonderful you and your products are. Don't forget to put these Testimonials front and center on your site so prospective customers can draw courage from them, thus increasing sales in your website in Nigeria. .....

2 Create a Sense of Urgency:

we all are good procrastinators, especially we Nigerians. It’s important help arouse in our prospective customers that eagerness to buy, and buy immediately. Else, the vibe will die down and they will keep procrastinating untill they never buy. I am very much guilty of this act. By creating a sense of urgency you can increase online sales in your website in Nigeria or elsewhere. .....

3. Try To Do Give Away As Much As You Possible:

it's no doubt that we Nigerians love free things, who don't?. People love free stuff, and the more you give away for free, the more favorably prospective customers are likely to perceive you and your brand, which can result in more online sales.

4. Learn To Use Remarketing to Close Way More Deals:

I know that some people choose to ignore the power of remarking, and that's sad. I believe its because they don't understand how it works (Check out our blog on how to do remarketing) or one of their good reasons. No matter whether you’re running a PPC campaign or a Facebook advertising campaign, any digital marketing initiative takes time, money, and effort to accomplish. If you’re not using remarketing, you’re essentially banking on prospective customers converting immediately, which almost never happens (and is exactly as crazy as it sounds).

5. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee:

Most people won't buy from you because they are afraid of losing their money, or not getting the value for which they will pay for, especially in Nigeria, and this might be a big challenge for startups online. This singular reason can make it difficult for you to increase sales on your website in Nigeria. The best thing to do is that, the more risk you remove from the prospects buying decision, the more likely they are to buy from you, so take away anything that could dissuade prospects from buying from you.

Bonus: Most people have websites, but their website are mostly not built to convert sales. This is a difficult thing. Buy hey, we could help you with that by giving you free tips on how to optimise your website to be able to convert sales. Just drop a comment below let's get started.